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Adding release notes¤

Material for nbdev uses as release notes in the documentation. If the file is not found in the project root directory, a default page under the Releases tab will be displayed, explaining how to generate the, as shown below:

Let’s follow the above steps and create a file for our nbdev_mkdocs_tutorial project.


You'll need a GitHub personal access token to generate the changelog. Please see the nbdev documentation for more information on how to create and configure a new token.

Now, copy your GitHub personal access token and paste it into a file called token in the root of your repository. To do so, run the following command from the project root directory:


  • In the following command replace {XXX} with your GitHub personal access token.
echo {XXX} > token

Also, ensure that the token file isn’t added to git, by running this in your terminal

echo token >> .gitignore

Now, run the following command from the project root directory to generate the changelog:


The above command will generate the files and CHANGELOG.bak in the project root directory. Run the following commands in the terminal to preview the changes in the browser:

nbdev_mkdocs preview

Now, please click on the Releases menu and the documentation should look like this: